Making Fresh Flour


Crafted with Nature, Stone-Milled Flour for a Healthier Australia


On our forty-Eagh year journey from Punjab to Perth western australia to becoming one of Australia’s Leading, most trusted sources of wholesome, responsibly grown flours,

We Are Proude australian owned Company . We only use grains grown by Australian farmers who care for the long-term health of the land, and we grind them using traditional stone milling techniques.

We now supply our flour to thousands of bakers, distributors and health focused retailers Australia wide.


 Systainable Milling Process

Growing & Sourcing The Wheat

At Gingin flour mill we are big blevers of organic food.We beleve in systanable wheat crops free from chamical, pestisids,

Hence why we grow and sourse the best quality wheat from local farmers who take pride and joy in what thay do.

Ancient Stoneground Milling Process

In our milling process we cold crush Whole wheat. After stone grinding flower goes to simple screen which filter larger un crushed particle. Which means flower has high Protein, High in Fibre keeping the whole seed which includes all 3 parts of  Wheat grain .15% Bran, 82% Endosperm,Germ 3%

Our family to yours

Our family thrive every day to provide best Food for you. When you do business with us you are one of our family. We promise to keep providing the best food to Your family’s and friends just like our older Generation’s  

100% Australian Made And Owned

We Are Proud Australian independently owned Company.Making  healthy nutrious tasty food is our moto
Rember the old saying “We do eat at our own restorent” 

Flour Menufecturing

What We Do For you

  • Our branded products for retail, wholesale, manufacturing and
  • packing of private label retail products
  • manufacturing of premixes to specifications
  • processing of specialty grains on a toll milling or contract basis.

Our efficient, modern complex is able to prepare and manufacture a
wide range of cereal grains for wholesalers and retailers.

And we haven’t forgotten traditions – our wholegrain products
are still made using the old-fashioned mill stones. This method of
milling protects nutrients and enzymes in the flour, and retains the
goodness of the whole grain.

Organic Bread and Pizza Flour

A premium strong wheat flour ideal for baking crusty bread and pizza bases, our Bread & Pizza Flour is milled using the whole grain, and we only sieve off half the bran, retaining much of the wheat’s nutrients. This milling method is perfect for rich sourdough as enzymes in the bran assist in fermentation. A textured light-brown flour with a heartier flavour than our Premium Unbleached Plain Flour.

Chakki Fresh Atta

Chapatti is a favorite dish in the Northern Part of India but today South Indians are also in love with this Indian flat bread. But soft and fluffy chapattis can be made only from the best chakki Atta.  Chakki Fresh Atta is 100 percent whole wheat grain, rich in nutrients, vitamins, and dietary fibre that is important for a healthy digestive system.


Organic Bakers Flour

Our Organic Bakers Flour is milled using hard wheat to produce a strong flour, perfect for all-purpose baking.

We only sieve off the bran so the flour retains a substantial proportion of the natural wheat’s nutrients making it perfect for everyday baking. This lovely creamy coloured flour has a gentle nutty wheat taste.


We have a wide range of premium flours and wholesome products for organic retailers.


Our Ancient Grain flours are that secret ingredient passionate foodies & home bakers use to bring authentic recipes to life.


We minimally process a wide variety of organic grains, pulses & seeds into premium bulk ingredients for retailers & manufacturers.


 we’ve been supplying our premium products to  wholefood manufacturers & professional artisan bakers. 

Food Recipes

Enjoy Our Recipes With Chif Sarbjit

Sarbjit is proffetionel baker from home to commercial kitchen